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We are truly dedicated to provide our highly cherished customers with an impressive experience every time. We cater to the needs of our clients by offering several preferred services such as Drop Ship Service, 3rd Party Logistics & Custom Ordering. We take the time to understand the needs of our customers and offer solutions to meet and exceed their expectations.

Your inside expert on the open market. When it comes to sourcing and selling mobile products, you need a long-term partner that will deliver quality products and comprehensive services that help you grow your business. Look no further than MK Phones.​

We offer our clients with third party logistics services specializing in integrated warehousing and transportation services that can be scaled and customized to our clients needs based on market conditions and the demands and delivery service requirements for their orders. We provide our clients with advanced value added services such as tracking and specified packaging amongst many other services.

Our Vision

Today’s era, mobile phones are the most used consumer electronic device with over 4.7 billion users around the world. Cell phones have ceased to be an exclusive status symbol of high-powered lawyers to any of working class person. It is an essential element that has become part and parcel of our everyday life.

MK Phones, anticipated this demand of consumers long ago and gaited into the cell phone industry in 2005. MK Phones is a family based business which commenced as Blue Flash in Dallas Texas as a small friendly neighborhood business and struggled its way around with immense hard work and dedication with objectives to cater the need of acquaintances, associate and vicinity. MK Phones gradually flourished into eminent reputed cell phone company and have revolutionized significantly over the time.

MK Phone's critical success factors depends on identifying  the emerging trends and integrating them into company’s operations, responding quickly to technological changes, providing high-quality services, investing time and money in marketing and advertising.

MK Phones took lead of prospect to become a highly distinguished and renowned leader in the cellular industry. It is the goal of our company to become established as a well known distributor of wireless dealers. Today we are proud to say that MK Phones is one of the leading global wholesaler and distributor for major mobile phone brands in the world for consumer and professional market.

MK Phones is primarily engaged in the import & export of mobile phones and accessories. We maintain strict quality control in buying all our stock from genuine and trusted suppliers in order to offer customers with a detailed, comprehensive range of products and we also ensure a regular quality control checks to meet our standard policy.

MK Phones is uniquely positioned as a fastest growing mobile phone wholesaler in the global market. Since its inception MK Phones has expanded its branches in the international market, building strong relations by providing the original quality & quantity products in UAE, China and Hong Kong at international level.

In 2012 we established our branch in Dubai. The main purpose of this branch is to concentrate and manage our Middle East market and our promising European markets who deals with the import and export of mobile phones.

In the year 2015, we opened our new branch in Atlanta, to reach our clients and to serve our customer the high quality products. MK Phones, through its vast distribution infrastructure, plays a key role in channeling the power of leading-edge technology to the consumer market, with various operating divisions, service centers, sales channels and support teams.

Devoted To Excellence

Who are we?

3rd Party Logistics​

We offer our clients with Drop Ship Services so they can have access to a variety of products and use our warehouse as their own! We buy in bulk for the convenience of our clients and to avail them to quantity as well as diversity. By offering Drop Ship Services, we save our clients time, money and hassle. This facilitates the order flow for our clients as well as enhances their business by offering them more free time.

Drop Ship Services